If you are looking forward to spending your next vacation in the Greek island of Samos, you have definitely chosen one of the best options available out there to consider. The island is located in close proximity to the Turkish coast and you can easily visit there. Many people wrongly think that they will have to spend a fortune in order to spend their vacation in Samos. This article will give you a rough idea about the costs that you will have to bear when you visit Samos.


The most convenient method available out there for the travelers to visit Samos is to seek the assistance of an airline service. Aegean Airlines can be considered as the main airline company that offers their services for people whose heart is settled for Samos. The airline fees are affordable and you can travel directly from London to Samos for about $500. If you also want to see some of Athens, you can think about getting the help of a ferry service from its Piraeus port. A return ticket will not cost you more than $100.


Let us next have a look at the accommodation expenses that you will have to bear. Since Samos is one of the major tourist attractions in the modern world, you will be able to locate a large number of hotels and holiday homes throughout the entire island. It is possible to find a decent hotel room for two individuals at a rate of just $30 per night. You will not be able to find any hostels within the island, but the backpackers don’t need to worry about anything with even very low hotel room rates available. You will naturally also see some five star hotels around the island and you will need to pay at least $90 per night to stay at such a luxurious place. It is possible to reserve Samos hotel rooms through all the major travel websites available on the Internet.


If you are planning to travel throughout the island and take part in all the feasts, you will need to get the help of a car rental service as well. However, one should bear in mind that most of the car rental services that operate in Samos are not so cheap. You will need to spend about $40 to get a car for 24 hours. Most of the car rental companies offer unlimited mileage and you can travel to any part of the island at your own pace, making stops at all the spots that seem fascinating.


A large number of gift and boutique stores can be found throughout the Samos island. The arts and crafts fair will be held on every March and you can visit there to purchase excellent art and craft works with a reasonable price tag. All the people who visit Samos prefer to shop for locally made shell jewelry. In fact, they are extremely popular among individuals who are looking for cheap souvenirs to take back home. Shopping in Samos is not that expensive and you would surely love to carry home some famous Samian wine or world-renowned thyme honey. In fact, all the above-mentioned items can even be purchased with just a few dollars, British pounds or Euros.


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