Vourliotes can be considered as one of the most prominent inland villages that you can see in Samos. It is located at an altitude of 300 m above sea level. This village is located about 20 km away from the capital city of Samos. In addition, you will need to travel about 5 km from the main public road to reach it.

Vourliotes is one of the oldest villages that you can find today in the whole of Samos. It was established back in 16th Century. The village got its name after the first settlers who came down to inhabit it. Vourliotes is surrounded by rich pine forests and luxuriant green. You will also notice the numerous vineyards surrounding it. Therefore, it is a village possessing some of the most picturesque view one could hope to lay one’s eyes upon. The old traditional houses that are scattered throughout the village only serve to enhance that look. Most of these houses have been recently restored. At the moment, Vourliotes village has no more than about 500 permanent residents. As you guess, they mainly live on tourism, viniculture and agriculture.

Vourliotes is an ideal village for nature lovers arriving in Samos. In fact, hikers will get the opportunity to explore the best of the local nature. You will be able to see marked mountain trails throughout the entire area. There, amidst the lush vegetation and amazing sceneries, one can forget all the daily troubles and recharge one’s batteries. Vourliotes is well known for its traditional celebrations as well. In fact, many different traditional and religious celebrations take place here throughout the whole year. Agia Marina, which is organized on 17th of July, can be considered as the most prominent one out of them.

You can also find some excellent cafes and restaurants throughout the village. These are the best places available for tourists to experience traditional Samian food and relax after soaking in the sights and activities. Vourliotes is also known for excellent wines.

The lovely beaches that you can see near Vourliotes attract thousands of tourists per year. Plenty of accommodation facilities are available for holiday makers and they will be able to experience as luxurious a stay they desire. You can pay a visit to the Avlakia beach, which is located nearby and swim in the refreshing waters. The beaches of Kambos and Tsampou have also received much attention and are among the favourites. You can find crystal clear water in all these beaches and they are safe even for small children to play, both on the beach as well as on the sea.

You can also see some nice old churches throughout Vourliotes. The Agios Ioannis Theologos, which was constructed in 18th century, holds a prominent place amongst them and it is known as the cathedral of the village as well. A lot of religious activities take place in Vourliotes throughout the entire year so make sure you get to witness and take part in some of the unique orthodox services and other celebrations. Summer can be considered as the best time of the year for visiting Vourliotes, but autumn and spring can be more attractive if you seek some solitude as well. Vourliotes and its lovely people are awaiting you with open arms!


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  1. Wow, that truly sounds like the perfect place to hide from the daily troubles during the vacation. I have been searching for a quiet and somewhat remote spot in the Greek islands, and reading about Vourliotes made my heart jump. Will definitely add this to my list of places that would be worth the trip!

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