The Island of Samos is known for its beautiful beaches surrounded by greenery and crystal clear waters. Many of them are very popular, at high season even packed, and provide the basic services any tourist desires, but nevertheless they have retained their authentic appearance. On Samos you can even find small beaches in hidden coves, so you can enjoy the privacy. This article presents some of the best beaches on the island.


Tsamadou Beach

This beach is located near the capital city of Samos and about 13 km from Vathy. This lovely pebbly beach is half-organized so that some parts of the beach are separated. Although located near towns, this beach, with its beautiful landscape and exotic water, has remained somewhat untouched. You can enjoy tanning or relaxing under the parasols in organized parts of the beach. Part of Tsamadou is reserved for nudists.

Roditses beach

Roditses is a small sand and pebble beach that can be reached on foot from Vathy. Visitors can rent parasols and deck chairs on the beach and enjoy the clear water. Near the beach there are several accommodation facilities for those who want to stay close and just relax after their many activities on the beach.

Mykali beach

Mykali beach is located 8 kilometers south of the town of Vathy and from here the visitors can see the coast of Turkey.This beach can be reached by any means of transport, and because of its crystalline water of medium depth it is ideal for children. Mykali beach is one of the best organized beaches in Samos with many modern facilities, thanks to which tourists can try a variety of water sports.

Kokkari beach

The most popular beach in Samos is located 10 km northwest of Vathy. The beach is covered with white gravel and surrounded by the Aegean Sea, where visitors can enjoy diving in the deep blue water. Since the area around Kokkari beach is very windy, the conditions are ideal for numerous water sports such as windsurfing and paragliding. In addition, visitors can relax in the bar on the beach or may choose to go for rest in their accommodation by the beach, provided they have made their booking.


Karlovasi beach

Karlovasi beach is right in front of the homonymous city. This is a long, and a very popular beach where tourists can rent recliners and sunshades, as well as to enjoy the numerous water sports available for all ages. The beach is surrounded by numerous cafes and seafood restaurants and is thus ideal for the whole family.

-Potami beach

Potami beach is located 2 km west of Karlovassi, near the monastery of Agios Ioannis. This is a large pebble beach surrounded by crystal-clear waters, lush vegetation and steep cliffs covered with vegetation. On the beach you can rent sunshades and deck chairs, and one can have a drink at the bar or sip one on the beach. This place is ideal especially for diving, after which you can rest in a nearby restaurant or cafeteria.

-Megalo Seitani

This beautiful beach framed with pine woods is located approximately 6 km west of Karlovasi. This is an isolated beach and one of the most beautiful ones for swimming in the whole of Samos. Megalo Seitani beach is open both for the people wearing their swimsuits and nudists. If you decide to visit this beach, be sure to bring your own food and water because there are no bars, taverns or even snack bars nearby.


-Pythagorion beach

Pythagorion beach is one of the most popular beaches in Samos and it is located near the resort bearing the same name. On this beach you can enjoy the deck chairs under a beach parasol or you can engage in some fun and adrenaline-laden sports such as water skiing, windsurfing or kayaking. In the vicinity there is a school for diving, which is very popular and attracts divers from all over the world.


Pefkos beach is located within Marathokampos Bay and is very quiet and suitable for those seeking solitude. The beach is surrounded by rocks and deep, crystal clear sea. Since the beach is sheltered from strong winds, it offers the opportunity to fully relax and enjoy the water.


This medium sized pebble beach is located next to Kokkari and surrounded by crystal clear waters. The beach is perfectly organized so that you can use parasols, deck chairs, or you can go to the tavern, which is conveniently located right on the beach. Lemonakia beach can be reached easily by car or motorbike.


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