Thanks to all of you who have arrived at our site, either by accident or intentionally! is the result of international cooperation, the purpose of which is to provide people from around the globe with all the basic information we believe they could use as a great starting point when planning their own vacation on one of the most beautiful and green islands of Greece. The site has several writers, and each one of them has told about his/her experiences also through personal knowledge and senses.

As the reader will quickly discover, for millennia Samos has enjoyed a reputation of a holiday destination, and at the same time it also managed to serve as an important trade center, thanks to its excellent location at the crossroads of three continents. Although Samos no longer can be termed a local stock exchange or haven of international trade, it is still a beloved holiday paradise, where people fly to from the cold Finland in the north, Australia in the south, across the Atlantic from the United States, as well as from China, located at the opposite side of the planet.

Despite the economic crisis of Greece, each year the country has seen bigger and bigger “waves”of tourists arriving, and naturally the intoxicatingly gorgeous Samos receives its share of those tourists. If you haven’t yet visited this island of Pythagoras, Epicouros, Aristarchos and Aesop, perhaps it’s high time to fill that gap in your civilization, and that is precisely where our site aims to aid you.

Our readers’ feedback is more than welcome, as are their suggestions for new page topics that would be of interest. Everyone can also use this opportunity to leave comments on each page relating to their personal experiences, recommendations, warnings, or whatever they feel necessary, as long as good manners are not violated. The experiences of all those who have already visited Samos enrich the existing content and help to maintain it up to date. You are all welcome to leave praise and criticism for the writers, relating to the topics, as well as the service providers you came across whilst in Samos, just to name a few examples. Even your negative moments can greatly benefit those dreaming of spending their holiday in Samos.



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