Vathy can be considered as one of the most beautiful harbor towns anywhere in Samos, and is almost an extension of the island’s capital. It is filled with inexpensive restaurants and affordable rooms to rent. Vathy is well known among tourists also for its enjoyable nightlife. Moreover, the entire village is so small that it will not take you many days to get to know the locals and mingle amongst them as if you’ve known them all your life. Therefore, you will always have someone you know around the clubs and taverns.

Vathy is extremely popular as a place for sailboats to stop. The perfectly sheltered harbor is a suitable location to throw your anchor for a day or two and explore the Vathy area. A beach that stretches for whole mile can be found in Vathy and you can go there to have a swim and enjoy some water sports during your stay. Perhaps the best thing about this beach is its shallowness. Therefore, many people come here with their children because their offspring can get into the water without any lurking danger. The largest pool of Cyclades can also be found right here in Vathy.

Plenty of transportation methods are available for people planning to visit Vathy. If you are looking for an adventurous ride, you get there by a ferry boat. Alternatively, you can book a cabin on a cruise ship, which sails around the stunning Greek islands. The recent studies seem to suggest that many people who are planning to travel to Samos finally visit there by boat. You can directly get to Vathy by boarding a ferry boat, say, from Athens or from one the nearby islands.

Since Vathy is one of the most beautiful locations one can find in Samos, you will be able to participate in many guided walks that are organized in various locations near Vathy. You can choose such a trip, for example, to visit the surrounding lush hills and mountains. In fact, walking is the most recommended method available for the tourists to explore the local nature and its wonders.

Vathy is well known for the excellent variety of local festivals that take place there throughout the year. You will get the opportunity to enjoy your life especially if you go to Vathy during the summer months. A large number of local festivals are organized in Vathy during the summer and they are naturally filled with endless local dances, music, drinks and food. The biggest festival of all takes place on 5th and 6th of August, at Stavros village. Those wishing to experience the local traditions and entertainment try to have a chance to participate in it.

People who visit Vathy must not forget to enjoy their holiday also through their taste buds by sampling some of the typical local dishes available at all restaurants.Tserepa” chicken can perhaps be considered the most popular local dish out of all. It is chicken seasoned with herbs and will definitely make a lasting experience to even the most demanding gourmet lover. You can also request your waiter to propose some local specialities and excellent wines to flush them down with. No wonder, Vathy has won its place in the hearts of thousands of happy tourists.



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