On the Greek island of Samos there is a place where you can absolutely lose yourself to the tender brace of the warm Mediterranean sun and the pristine waters of the Aegean Sea. It is a place where literally everything is available to make your holiday a memorable one.

The beaches are either pebbly or in many cases uniquely sandy. The waters are generally shallow and for a large part of the year the crystal clear sea is delightfully warm.

Marathokampos has a tiny population of less than 3,000 which naturally swells slightly during the summer season. This tiny municipality is situated on the southwest region of the island, and right in the middle of a huge bay. The vast Mount Kerkis can be seen from every cobbled street and street corner of this popular little Samian town.

There is the Harbour of Ormos in the centre of the bay which is a popular place to stroll around at night, while searching for a fine Greek restaurant. The population here in Marathokampos consists mainly of a small farming community with many from the sailing or fishing fraternity making up the numbers near the harbour.

Marathokampos is well known locally for producing high quality soaps and also olive oil. The Mediterranean diet with a handsome use of extra virgin olive is largely responsible for its people living to a ripe old age (the region has longevity records coming out from every angle). In Marathokampos there are plenty of small gift shops where you can stock up on locally-produced soaps and a bottle of finest extra virgin olive oil produced right here in Marathokampos.

There are also many fishermen here, as well as those working and living in the town as tourist operators and guides but the vast majority of the locals seem to be in the agricultural trade, where they produce mainly olives.

The entire town seems to be surrounded by tiny villages and rich colourful vistas which can be seen from the footpaths around the lower hills of Mount Kerkis. So what are the most delightful joys you might expect to find when visiting Marathokampos? You will revel in the delightful stone cobbled streets, the beautiful white ancient churches, houses all made from white sandstone, market squares and piazzas where folk gather and enjoy food, as well as the island’s traditional cuisine and drink and elegant stone fountains. At the squares you can pass your time doing some people watching and sipping on an Ouzo drink, whilst the warm evening temperature makes you feel as though you have just been swept up into paradise.







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