Samos is well known for the high quality of its local products which the citizens of the island produce with respect to the Greek tradition and culture. The most famed product of Samos is undoubtedly wine, awarded repeatedly worldwide for its quality and taste. It has been proven that the wines of Samos were transported to Eastern Mediterranean cities since 1000 BC and many doctors of the antiquity, like Hippocrates and Galen, mentioned the Samian wine as a tonic and medicine. The wine of Samos has been, and still is, used by the Catholic Church to produce the wine of the Holy Eucharist. Apart from wine, the numerous wineries of Samos also produce “suma”, a local type of ouzo that all visitors should naturally also taste.

Another wonderful product of Samos is honey. Samos provides 85,400 kg honey per year for worldwide consumption. The honey produced has the scent of the Samian wild flora such as thyme, mint, oregano, pine, chestnut tree, rosemary, wild lavender, etc. The happy bees fly around in the woods but also take the nectar of the flowers of the fruit trees of the island, including that of cherry, apple, lemon and peach trees. Apart from the fine, aromatic honey, beekeepers produce pollen and royal jelly, which are two more miraculous products used as ingredients for cosmetics and cures for a variety of diseases, and they help maintain the general well-being.

The people of Samos also produce the highest quality, certified biological fruit and vegetables with respect and love for the Mediterranean diet. The most well known companies that are activate on this sector and whose produce you can encounter either in the local markets or stores of all sizes, or even go and fetch for yourself, are BIOSAMOS (, 22730 30876), and SAMIAKIGI ( ).

Local milk-products are also of excellent taste and quality.  You should taste the “armogalo” cheese, made from fresh goat milk, and the local gruyere, from cow’s milk which can be eaten as a snack, on top of bread or in the salad to add a genuine Greek taste. Other local cheeses are “anthotyro” (cream cheese) and “almi” cheese. Search for them and you won’t be disappointed. (Tyrokomiki, 22730 52200-1).

Don’t forget to buy olives and olive oil, marmalade, organic handmade soap, many kinds of herds and herb oils like the “balsam” oil that helps healing of wounds (Clironomou, 22730 41363,  Markou Samos 22730 36304) and last but not least the pottery products, small wooden boats, local musical instruments from the Pythagorion Instrument Lab and woven textiles.  They all make excellent and unique souvenirs and will remind you of the vacation of a lifetime you spent in Samos.




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  1. My absolute favorite was the local thyme honey, which I had never tasted before. Luckily I was advised by locals to try some yoghurt with local honey as a dessert and I just fell in love with that honey. It has an incredible aroma and such a smooth texture. Needless to say, I had many jars in my suitcase when leaving Samos!

  2. I discovered fantastic olive tree products, which have become a trendy phenomenon around the world. In Samos you can find them cheaper than in Athens, so use the opportunity to buy some beautiful hand-made items which vary from small spoons and other kitchen utensils to wooden ornaments, say for placing your eyeglasses during the night. Olive wood is hard and beautiful, so your money is well spent.

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