Karlovasi is recognized as the second largest town located within the Samos Island. This small town has been divided into five different sections named the Port, the Bay, Old, Middle and New town. Karlovasi is well known amongst the locals and tourist alike for its exceptionally peaceful surroundings. If you are looking forward to explore the fine beaches of Samos, Karlovasi is one of the best locations available for you to do so.

You can see Karlovasi on the western side of the main port. Since it is a major tourist attraction, you will be able to find a large number of hotels scattered throughout. Needless to say, there is a huge demand for waterfront hotels and most of them are booked throughout the summer season at least. In addition, you can see a large number of nightclubs, bars and cafes around Karlovasi.

Right behind the Karlovasi port, you will be able to see the wooded hill. This is referred to a picture postcard town by the residents. That’s because you can find a hilltop church that is surrounded by traditional old Greek houses. You can also find a wooded valley by the side. This part of Karlovassi offers the most magnificent view for the tourists. A large number of small, local industries have popped up throughout the village as well. Most of the larger mansions that you can see in this village are richly decorated. You can also find abandoned tanneries amongst them.

You can find some unique tourist attractions also near Karlovasi. The marvelous Tunnel of Eupalinos, or Eupalinos Aqueduct, holds a prominent place amongst them. It will take about 15 minutes for you to walk there from Karlovasi. The Temple of Hera, which is located 6 km away, has also received much attention and remains one of the most-beloved sights of Samos.

Plenty of beaches await the lucky people who come to visit Karlovassi. These beaches are kissed by clear waters and they are safe even for small children. However, it is important to note that the water in Karlovasi can feel a bit cold on your skin until May. Gangou beach is the nearest beach to Karlovasi, and thus highly popular. It will take about 15 minutes for you to walk to this beach from the town. You can also visit the pebble beach that is located close to Gangou. The visitors can rent sun loggers in these beaches as well. In addition, a lot of restaurants are located along the seafront of Karlovassi area and you can visit them to have the most delicious local, and foreign, dishes served to you.

Karlovasi is highly popular for hiking as well. You can find over 45 different hiking routes across Samos and most of them are located in the Karlovasi area. Out of those routes, many are located within the forest and therefore you will get the opportunity to hike without extreme sweating even during the hottest summer days. Mountain biking is also popular in Karlovasi. However, many of the mountain bike routes that you can locate in the area can be characterized somewhat demanding. With most of them, the journey means pedaling uphill and you can experience a truly adventurous ride in these paths.


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