Samos is extremely popular for the large number of feasts that take place throughout the entire year. The religious and local character is associated by traditional dances, fascinating tunes, and delicious food and these festivals often last through the whole night, as is common in Greece. In fact, these characteristic celebrations are perfect examples of the hearty hospitality and welcome everyone will encounter once in Samos. Please take note that the biggest events in Samos can be found during the months of July and August.

Even though you can see a large number of activities that happen in Samos throughout the entire year, feasting can be considered as the main mode of celebration. In fact, the annual feasts happen in all the months of the year as well. The main objective of having these feasts is to honor everyone from local fishermen in local collectives to highest ancient Greek gods. From the recent studies, it has been found that many travelers prefer to visit Samos precisely in order to take part in these feasts. They will get the opportunity to eat a lot of delicious food and have the time of their lives by taking part. Without a doubt, they will be able to enjoy endless entertainment, parades, dancing and music.

August 15th can be considered as the best possible date to visit Samos. On this day, people from all parts of the island come together to celebrate the Dormition of the Holy Virgin. You can also experience many other fascinating events during the month of August. For example, Feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus is held on 6 August and travelers can visit, for example, Agios Konstantinos in order to take part it. On the same day, another feast is being held on the island to honor the battle of Mikali. This feast takes place in Pythagorion. If you don’t wish to take part in either of these events on 6 August, you can choose to participate at the feast of Metamorphosis, which is held in Potami. It is followed by the Feast of Panagia, which runs for two more days.

A dedicated wine harvest festival is also being held in Samos and it takes place in August. In fact, the wines that are produced in Samos are extremely famous in every corner of the world for their amazing taste, and people who love Samian wines try to attend this popular wine festival. The Ireon Music festival in Samos is being held at the Ireon beach every August. Many world famous reggae and rock artists take part in it, entertaining thousands of visitors who flock to the island from all corners of the globe.

Even though the biggest events in Samos end with August, you will be able to experience some amazing events in September as well. The birth of Virgin Mary is celebrated by the people at Monastery of Panagia, which is located in Vrondiani. Likewise, on 21 November, the Feast of Panagia Spiliani is celebrated and you can take part in it by visiting the church of Panagia. This festival has received much positive attention among tourists as free fish dishes and wine are offered for all visitors. In addition, the visitors can enjoy music and dancing throughout the night.



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