Kokkari is a wonderful destination at the Greek island of Samos, located about 10 km north-west of Vathy, the capital of Samos. Kokkari is one of the most popular resorts of the island, basically being a picturesque village which welcomes the tourists by offering an excellent nightlife and a long beachfront. Situated amidst beautiful vineyards, the friendliness of local people and a refreshing atmosphere, Kokkari has won its place as the favourite vacation spot of a large number of travellers.

Even though maintaining a village ambience, Kokkari is ideally developed with the most modern facilities, cosy hotels, and restaurants. The tourists here can enjoy the beauty of the pristine sun-kissed beaches, crystal clear water, and various water sports activities. Swimming at the beautiful pebbled beaches is without a doubt one of the favourite activities of all tourists. The most amazing thing about Kokkari region is that whilst some beaches are so quiet and enchanting, the ones next to them can be even characterized as wild.

The name ‘Kokkari’ is linked to the huge volume of onion production that took place here at old times (Kokkari is the Greek term for small onion). Human habitation in this region started from the first half of the 19th century. The settlement was initially located at the two small hills, but soon expanded to cover the entire valley. People here are truly unique and kind-hearted, offering warm hospitality and support to all the visitors. Most of the locals used to be engaged in fishing and farming but today mainly live from tourism.

 Activities and beaches at Kokkari

The vegetation at Kokkari is luxuriant. The sea is crystal clear and the beaches are endless. There are naturally also many bars and cafes at this region, offering a stunningly beautiful view to the Aegean Sea. In addition, many taverns and sensational clubs make Kokkari one of the liveliest and most exciting destinations at Samos. The water sports and surfing enthusiasts from around the world flock to Kokkari in their quest to catch some of the best waves available.

  • Windsurfing

Windsurfing is the top attraction for thousands of tourists coming to Kokkari, and the Samos Windsurf Centre is called the Mecca of windsurfing, as far as the North-Eastern Aegean Islands are concerned. Those who want to learn windsurfing can naturally find themselves a school teaching the ABCs of this adrenaline-laden water sport.

Kokkari area has the perfect wind conditions to satisfy all levels of windsurfing enthusiasts and their wishes. The windsurfing centre offers a comprehensive training program even for the beginners who arrive with the desire to learn the basics of this fascinating sport, including theory and its practical application on the waves.

Non-surfers can also enjoy their time at the long stretch of the beaches here, relaxing under the sun-bed umbrellas or at the bar, cafe, BBQ, and set the kids free at the safe play area. One can also find pro-mountain bikes on rent, and pedaling is a great way to explore the challenging mountain terrain and traditional village roads of the island.

  • Beaches

The most popular beaches close to Kokkari are:

Lemonakia – Lemonakia Beach is situated just outside Kokkari. There is a 100-meter long walkway which you must take in order to reach the beach from the main road. This beach can be the best choice if you love calm waters. There is also a small tavern at the beach.

Tsamadou – This beach is about 3 km away from Kokkari, alongside the road leading from Samos town to Karlovassi. Located in an amazingly beautiful bay, Tsamadou Beach mainly features pebbles and you should bear in mind it has a steep bottom at some parts. The water here is crystal clear and ideal for snorkelling, but you need to expect some waves, especially on windy days.

The hills on the other side of Kokkari are filled with flowers and they also provide nature lovers with a wonderful hiking experience with an awe-inspiring view of the Aegean Sea.





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  1. I have visited Samos once , before three years and as I remember I had great time. Absolutely nice beaches but now that I am learning kitesurfing thanks to you I will visit again. Where you can find windsurfers you see kitesurfers too!

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